Bonjour, Ciao, Hallo, Olá Europe!

Words cannot express the surreal excitement I feel to be going on a five-month trip across Europe with my dear, sweet husband! I know I’ve been teasing you about my big news, but as you can imagine, there were so many details that had to be worked out before I spilled the beans! Trust me, I have been dying to tell you about this!
We gave our two-weeks’ notices at work, sold two of our cars and will be moving out of our apartment soon. Are we crazy? Maybe… Is the thought of the unknown a bit frightening? Absolutely! And for some particular reason when people first hear that I’m quitting my job to tour Europe, an alarming majority of them are very quick to point out my irrational thinking. But when else will I be able to take 5 months out of my life to free myself from the routines and restrictions of everyday, to get wonderfully lost in the streets of Barcelona, to drink the wild air of Amalfi, to feel the hot sands of Santorini between my toes, to exhaust myself in the glorious pursuit of life? If not now – when? As a wise person once said, the most dangerous risk is the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.
Of course, I’m fully aware that traveling is over-romanticized. Jet lag, weight gain, lack of privacy, homesickness, lost iPhones, stolen purses, traffic, public bathrooms you must pay to use are all part of the not-so-glamorous side of traveling. But challenging ourselves is what enables us to grow, and this is an opportunity I’ve dreamed about my entire life! It is in all of us to defy expectations, to go into the world and to be brave, and to want, to need, to hunger for adventure, to embrace change and chance and risk so that we may breathe and know what it is to be free.
I genuinely feel very lucky to be able to live this experience, and I am so excited to take you with me on this adventure! If you’ve been to Europe, please make recommendations as to where to stay, eat, see, shop, etc. I promise to document each moment and make the most out of every circumstance! Make sure you follow on the blog, or Bloglovin’InstagramFacebook and Twitter for my latest adventures! And if you happen to see me in your corner of the world, do say hello! 
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1. Dress, Forever 21 (similar) // 2. Shoes, Anne Michelle (similar) // 3. Sunglasses, Forever 21 // 4. Clutch, DailyLook

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  4. Love the outfit you look gorgeous. I think it is amazing that you are following your dreams and going travelling! You will have such a great time and life is all about taking risks and doing what makes you happy. How do you know until you try things? It’s better to try it and learn from it than to not do it at all and live in regret. Ignore people that doubt you and have a fabulous time travelling! Holly xx

  5. Never, ever put down the urge to travel. The only people who say ‘oh my gosh that is so irresponsible’ are the ones who are too scared/ too lazy to do it themselves.

  6. That’s not irrational, it’s inspirational. Before I decided to devote my time & effort to starting my own personal styling business I was planning a yearlong travel journey of my own. I worked for 18 months doing various odd jobs to save the money. And then…my dream changed. The point is, no matter what the dream is, you gotta make it come true. I’m thrilled for you and so excited to read about your adventures! And if there’s one recommendation I can give you it’s to make a account. Couchsurfing was the most amazing way to travel in Europe. You spend no money on lodging, and stay with a local who will help provide the most authentic experience imaginable. I played guitar in the town square of Pisa, walked through a local market in Milan and rode on the back of a motorbike in Corfu, Greece. None of those experiences would have happened otherwise. ;) ALSO, I actually came back 15 pounds lighter. You walk SO MUCH in Europe and are so excited by everything that you don’t snack, you basically just eat your 3 daily meals. xoxo.

    • Thank you for all the love and support, Shell B! And for the advice! I hope what you say is true about coming back 15 pounds lighter, but knowing myself, I will probably eat so much pasta, macarons, escargot and bread that I will come back twice my size! :))

  7. Such a gorgeous dress! And yay for the big adventure, I’d say you’re completely sane to do it now :)
    I live in Europe and still haven’t seen all countries, so much to visit :D If you’re interested in some personal recommendations about places to really visit, shoot me an email at contact at archistas dot com
    I’d send it you straight away but I have a deadline tomorrow (uhh life sucks, I long for your freedom :p) and in case I might forget ;)
    Maya – Archistas

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