Hello! Thank you for your interest in my creative services! I'm so excited that you've chosen FOXY OXIE for your custom design project!


This client questionnaire aims to assist both you, the client, and me, the designer to develop an initial focus and define some important aspects of your project. Providing as much information as possible will greatly assist the process of developing designs for your project that will be appropriate, unique and effective.


After you complete the client questionnaire, you’ll be prompted to spend some time pulling together visual inspiration in a Pinterest board. The goal is for you to fill the board with typography, colors and imagery that you feel is in line with your ideal brand aesthetic.

After you've submitted the inspiration board, I will begin work on the design concept. You will receive a design mockup to review and approve. You will be asked to provide honest, detailed feedback. You'll be prompted with specific questions to make sure the executions are meeting your business goals. Once the design concept is approved by you, I will begin designing the final product.

Exciting, right? I think so, too. So let’s get started!

Give a brief history of your organization. What products/services do you provide?
What do you stand for? What are your passions?
Are there any design constraints or considerations we should be aware of? (Existing branding standards, typography, size issues, etc.) Please include all stylistic preferences that should be noted.
Please give as much information as you can about the age range, gender, income, employment, location and lifestyle of current clients and those you wish to reach.
Of particular interest is what you do/plan to do differently in order to attract clients. What are the key benefits/advantages you offer as opposed to your competitors?
You need to feel comfortable with your design so it can truly be your own.
Please explain briefly your reasons and provide references for them if possible.
For example, a new product launch, rebranding, aiming to grow client base, etc.
What worked? What did not work? Please specify what service was requested by your organization.